Wild writing

So much pressure to change especially at this time of year and so much pressure to be happy. As someone, probably due to my mothers unhappiness who has never really got to grips with this concept I don’t strive to be happy but I do look for meaning and authenticity. Even mindfulness can be a pressure as if there is something wrong with your thinking, of course it all depends on who is teaching it and who is making you do it. Shocking to hear of a local authority making council tenants homeless and then almost enforcing mindfulness on them to deal with stress. This is happening in many industries. For many of us it is simply not enough to look at our own personal well-being as if changing our minds and bodies and finding personal bliss is the solution. This implies it is us and our minds that is the problem and we should stop thinking, grieving and being aware of world issues like Trump, Australian fires and climate change( to name but a few ). That things going on in the world outside or our socio economic situation impacting on us is somehow our fault; this can start a blame game where many Industries capitalize on your realism, your care your humanity and try to tame you with well-being or wellness. So you see I have stopped using this word even though I so practice mindfulness, Yoga, meditation, creative writing and walk daily. It is a form of loving and taking care but is a search for meaning and depth and in order to be part of communities and to be ready and prepared. It is not that I have to change or there is something wrong with me; there is something wrong in society. We need community more than ever, we will not find the solution in the self but the self needs to be present in their community; present and aware and effective.

Read the Happiness Industry; very interesting and revealing

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