Individual and group wellness activities in Tunbridge Wells

Health walks in Hargate Forest
Functional movement classes and personal tuition –
On line Yoga therapy, healing and functional movement.

Functional movement classes are fun and accessible to all.

I have devised and developed classes which are a combination of Feldenkrais,contemporary dance, Pilates and Yoga and movement for actors. They are designed for strengthen, balance, flexibility, mobility of the joints and deep relaxation/well-being.
A creative and somatic approach to movement to free the body and mind to move and the mind to accept. These classes help with depression, anxiety and stress and deepen and challenge traditional Yoga and Pilates to be more organic and suitable to the needs of those of us who are not in a position to be highly disciplined Yogis or monks on top of a mountain. These classes are about being able to move and heal in your reality; for that to happen your movement practice needs to be more functional; designed for you. These classes are flexible and adaptable to the needs of my groups and students. No one will feel the pressure to make perfect poses, the road to injury. You are where you are now and with gentle self care, acceptance and fun (very important in all my wellness offerings) you will find your authentic moving self, the one you were meant to be. The classes are full of laughter and sound as well as silence –

The beauty of these classes is they do not end with the class, I introduce person centered movements that you can do at your desk, walking the dog, hoovering so that movement becomes part of your life not a class to tick off as having achieved but something you love you just may have forgotten you did for a myriad of reasons. From these classes you may rediscover the walker, the singer, the swimmer and the dancer….

You don’t have to change, just show up, give it a go and see how you feel… there is no perfect pose but there is a perfect you; the perfect you is the one you love and you take care of, for no one else, no one telling you what or who you must be but because inside you know you are better of moving whatever age, whatever background, whatever size shape … your body wants to move so lets rebel against all the blockages that tell us we can’t, we won’t and discover that we can all move…

I specialize in providing holistic wellness activities for local GPs, the NHS, councils, charities and social enterprises where people are facilitated to self direct their creative and health solutions and community involvement.

Retreat and One to one tuition/ classes on Ithaca Greece May 2020.
Summer Yoga walks Hargate Forest 2020