What's invisible to us is also crucial for our own well-being."
Jeanette Winterson

Wellness: to be yourself without judgement or seeking eternal happiness. Be true and authentic in your movement and creativity and we can be part of a more honest engagement and change within our relationships, community and society.

What I offer:

A synthesis of Boal,Movement for Actors, Feldenkrias, Pilates, Yoga, Laban Dance and Meditation.

Benefits: better breathing, flexibility, core strength, injury prevention, back health,mind-body awareness, increased mobility, healing and relaxation.

Well-being walks. Tunbridge Wells.

Creative writing and storytelling for schools,.

Forum theatre and role play for community change.

Who are they for

I keep my classes and courses open to all and work to the needs of the group and individual. Places I work: NHS, Schools, Theatres, Drama schools, Charities, Libraries, Prisons, Colleges, Public and private organisations. Private individuals and groups. Holidays and retreats. Ithaca Greece, Tunbridge Wells and UK nationally. Online.

“On behalf of our family, thank you Katrina for you peaceful, lighthearted and soulful sessions over the last five years," Francis family.

Tales from the walks

Marathias walk


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Sun set Ithaca Greece

Thanks to David Wolverson for this stunning photo and...

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Walking mindfully

How simply divine the Caper flower is.  It grows along...

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we are all living in a time of uncertainty, it’s...

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