The best way to health is through an eclectic mix of movement techniques. Rudolph Laban

Wellness -Restorative "mindful movement"classes. "all that is important is this one moment in movement. Make the moment important, vital and worth living. Do not let it slip away unnoticed and unused". Rudolph Laban

What I offer:

Wellness and mindful movement classes in Tunbridge Wells in the winter and Ithaca Greece in the Summer. On line classes

What are wellness classes? These classes are a fusion of many movement disciplines, learnt and practiced over many years (thirty plus) personally and some more recent knowledge about movement, endorphins and mindfulness. Wellness; to create a natural flow and find your rhythm in the moment and restore YOUR body. You are already perfect and beautiful, you are already well. Respecting our Psyce(soul) through movement brings growth and healing to our bodies; change happens within as we restore our true self and discover deeper parts of ourselves that may cause blockages in our movement and visa versa. These classes are about finding ease in your movement and every day life; not forcing our bodies to be another's expectation of ourselves or being bullied by Gurus who think they know what is right for you "there is no such thing as a perfect pose only your pose". Main disciplines: Pilates, Feldenkrias, Alexander, Mindufulness, Meditation, Happy (endorphin) cells, restorative Yoga and movement for actors and of course walking for health

Benefits: better breathing, flexibility, core strength, injury prevention, back health,mind-body awareness, increased mobility, healing and relaxation and help for depression - "exercise is medicine for depression, it should be made into a pill", Stephen Ilardi

Who are they for

Everyone. I keep my classes and courses open to all and work to the needs of the group and individual. Places I work: NHS, Schools, Theatres, Drama schools, Charities, Libraries, Prisons, Colleges, Public and private organisations. Tunbridge Wells and UK nationally. Online.

I am a fully qualified with a certificate to teach, Pilates, integrated movement(including Yoga and remedial exercise), I trained as a teacher for three years with the world renowned expert Alan Herdmen and in Pilates movement with Christine Hocking for five years. In addition I have been practicing Yoga, dance and other movement techniques since 1982 and trained in Laban dance therapy, I have a degree in education, theatre and movement. I have been teaching mindful movement, meditation, movement for theatre and dance since 1985. I am fully insured as a movement teacher and professional practitioner. "Look for the light within, find your own guru" Wellbeing, an holistic approach, is gaining increasing attention, following the backing of notable leaders such as Arianna Huffington, and many others working in schools and the workplace,

"thanks to Katrina for our peaceful and soulful sessions" Francis family
" I have been to many Yoga and Pilates classes but Katrina really knows her profession, she is light hearted and helps your body to move with ease and freedom; the best" Jan London
" Katrina;s classes are rewarding and stimulating" Angela Waldron, Ballet Rambert

Tales from the walks

Marathias walk


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Sun set Ithaca Greece

Thanks to David Wolverson for this stunning photo and...

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Walking mindfully

How simply divine the Caper flower is.  It grows along...

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Gratitude for Ithaca

I walk and move for well - being and I write and tell...

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