Well-being walks and words

On its chronicled thrown of stalagmites and stalactites

Klint’s golden yellow

Reaching higher than the sky

To the Gods and Goddesses

created to deal with our human complexity

it’s blinding light

softened by

The vastness of the multi coloured sea:

Lapiz lazuli, jade, turquoise, grey, navy, moss agar

into which she steps

tentatively at first

then floats

in its salty buoyancy

Discarding painful memories

Of suffering and abuse

Watching Onyx stick men’s heads

Washed away by invading waves

Bringing in grave diggers

to find the treasures

it is not what they expected

this rocky, rough landscape

fit for goats

Too much effort for them to leave their gin palace,

And walk to the cave of the nymphs

They cannot be bothered

walking on overgrown tracks

Too much goat shit and sage to scramble through

And besides they have only deck shoes

And are a little worse the wear from all that gin

The squeaky clean and over ripened half naked bodies

leave as quickly as they came

some never looked up from their sun loungers

where they lay greased in oil

They don’t tie ropes or anchor here

they guffaw at the myth of home

bronze, silver, gold

and set engine for Mykonos


Richer lands

The woman smiles and

Tells them to fuck off

As she sits beneath the olive tree

rests at the edge of liquid jade silk

hears the Sirens echo

from far away

on this vertical limestone strata

the water plays its unique melody

rich and sweet

healing and dreamy

such songs of the heart

are only found

By staying home

Long enough to feel the wounds

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