Well-being walks and talks

Walking for health and mental well-being, physically distanced but socially connected”

  • Walks and words, one to one
  • Walks for health and mental well being– group
  • Mindfulness and meditative walks – group and one to one
  • Living history, storytelling and nature walks

Being in nature helps us be present, it is non- judgmental and supportive, a place of calm and space. Walking is known to be beneficial to mental and physical health and creativity, a place we can be safe and free, be in relationship with nature and heal from its beauty alone and with others as part of a community.

Until lockdown is over and we can walk one to one and in groups, I offer a one hour class every Monday “a breath of fresh air”: gentle wise movement, meditation on nature, with a fifteen minute writing exercise or chat. Small group: six people only. Every Monday at 9.am. Starts April 5th. Six week course. Total cost £ 120 (sliding scale dependent on circumstances)

For further information and to book one to one coaching on line, a walking chat to tailor a walk to your or your organizations needs in the Summer, please contact me or talk to your local social prescriber.