take the time for self-care to find your bodies wisdom

Mentoring to return to your intuition through creative embodiment, writing and walking.

Group and one to one walks and on line counselling.

” leaning to live creatively and be the person you desire to be free from conditioning, trauma, abuse and self sabotage.

My sessions are without judgment and enable you to learn skills and tools to trust your own instincts, welcome fears and make the changes you need and want from a place of love and compassion

Respecting your own history, wisdom, authenticity and creativity and the intelligence of your body, changing your relationship with yourself, and others.

“loving yourself is not selfish, it is the only way to love others”

Creativity and embodiment mentoring is a wondeful mix of mindfulness, mediation, sound, cousnelling, dance, yoga, pilates and walking.

Classes help with grounding, flexibility, hormone regulation, menopause, depression, back pain, joint pain, immunity, anxiety, trauma, blood pressure and heart rate.

Some of the places I have worked; NHS, Guys Hospital, Kings Collège, Wellness trust, Yoga retreats, Gyms, Arts Council, Schools and colleges, community centers, Yoga and Pilates studios, Drama schools, women’s refuge centers, dementia care homes, Fire Brigade, Local councils and International festivals