Folklore and mythology walks Ithaca Greece 2020

…as long as there are epic and universal stories and we walk together, we can belong and find our home "magical evening walks" with an actors and poet's twist

Three gentle evening storytelling walking tours:

" After May 2020 my walks on Ithaca will no longer be available. I am now running themed walks for the community and focusing on my wellness activities - Yoga therapy, Pilates and writing. The wonderful Greek local guide Spyros who is a passionate walker and historian studying archeology will be contactable for walks.
Accessible and enjoyable living history tour around the real and mythical "Palace of Odysseus" in the location of Homer's school, Ithaca Greece. Rich with drama, poetry and living history" sewn together with information from archeologists and fifteen years of research and study of ancient Ithaca.

Discover Ithaca's folklore, culture and history on one of the popular and "memorable" gentle evening Farmer's walks: Kioni and Stavros.

Also available on request: private tours ", weaved and cut to your cloth including shorter tours of the site of the Palace of Odysseus and in the area of the museum and ancient cemetery at Pilikata Stavros.

Farmer's and ancient mythology walks in search of a traditional and authentic Ithaca

A wealth of stories, myths, and local history told and shared on this mesmerising and metaphysical island of Ithaca Greece.

Folklore Walk
Farmer's walks; past and present of farming on Ithaca

Meet: Stavros square
When: Tuesdays evenings
Time: 5 .30 p.m
Duration: 3 hours
Level: Easy walk with slight uphill and some loose screen.
Price: 20 euros pp/ Children free
(small groups only)


  • ” an original walk with a wonderful storyteller”

a must do for all visitors to Ithaca" David Bridges.




Katrina is a gem, very knowledgeable and friendly. Her walks bring alive the magic of Ithaca
Mr and Mrs Sanderson

Short healing herbs and farmers walk – Kioni and Raxi.

a popular and entertaining stroll around Agrotiri; farming land. Enjoy local wine and cheese and a cool drink at a traditional and very special old mini market.

A great introduction to Kioni; it’s past and present of farming and local culture and traditions. Stories of  flora and fauna and healing herbs and plants; “what  Ya Ya’s and Pa Pa’s knew.”

Days: Mondays

Time 6 p.m

Duration. 2 hours

Price 15 pp

Location: Kioni/Raxi










Penelope's Tour

Evening shaded walk around Homer’s school/ the Palace of Odysseus/ Megaron of Penelope

Starting at The Bridge, “in an area of mountain river’s and streams” (Homer) and with paths and springs fitting of the Royal Palace. See the golden light over Polyventhis (Homer) and explore magnificent ruins; Cyclopian walls, ancient springs where Greek gods still keep vigil. Explore the real and mythological story of the Odyssey walking in the footsteps of Penelope, the maids, Gods, goddesses, nymphs and the odd giant or too.

“A truly Magical evening walk, where poetry and the epic drama come to life in the words of a true and passionate storyteller”

“the most wonderful part of our whole trip to Greece” Judi, Vermont.

“who better to guide you” Greek Villa collection/Sunvil

Day: Thursday

Start: 5.30 p.m

Where: Platrethias square

Length: 3  hours

Price 20 pp

Children free

Details of Walks

All my walks are in the evening and are shady and cool.

Finish for a refreshing drink at a local cafe or taverna.

Times and location of walk may change slightly due to weather, time of year or guests needs and requests.

What you need: Wear good shoes, boots or walking sandals. Good idea to wear mosquito repellent. Bring a small bottle of water.

How to Book or meet me For details of and meeting point, time and to book please contact e mail: You can also telephone when you are on the island:

Other private tours and walks are available at times and places to suit you.

00 30 6975 928240 or

00 44 7950690234

For reviews “highlight of our trip to Greece” see trip advisor, ask your rep or better still have a chat with a local in a bar or cafe. I do not put posters on trees around the Island as it is against my environmental policy to do so.



Walks are taken at the visitor’s own risk and should also be covered by your own personal adequate travel insurance.
No company, guide, agent, or tour operator is liable for any accident or injury or natural disaster.

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