The Walks

walking is poetry for the soul and stories bring us together

I delight in sharing a wealth of stories, myths, and local history with you as we walk on the poetic island of Ithaca.
Gentle themed evening walks on donkey tracks, farming land and historic sites. Ithaca is steeped in myth, stories, humour, culture and history which is brought to life strolling in the natural landscape, rich in diverse flora and fauna and spectacular views. These walks have been created over the last twelve years, responding and adapting to the needs of visitors in order to be accessible and enjoyable.
…as long as there are stories there is hope

Small groups.

Themed walks 2019
Join me on storytelling and themed walks on Ithaca Greece April - October 2019

Local Culture walk – “In search of the Megaron of Penelope and Palace of Odysseus”

  • Explore the hidden treasures and rich stories of Ithaca’s ancient history on the Island of Odysseus and Penelope.
  • Recent excavations by Greek archaeologists have proved that the Palace of Odysseus and Penelope lies at the site of Homer’s school.
  • Discover the magnificent Mycenaean ruins of Homer’s school, rich with stories.
  • A fun and informative walk with spectacular sea views and golden light over the cliffs of Polyventhis (Aphales).
a must do for all visitors to Ithaca" David Bridges.

Starts and ends at the square in Platrethia When: Thursdays Time: 5 pm Duration: 3 hours (including rests and time at the site) Level: Easy to moderate walk, with some uphill and loose screen.

Folklore/Farmer's Walk

This is the popular Farmers walk which has now been running for twelve years in Kioni and now in Stavros. Before me it was guided and was the original idea of Panagis, a local Shepherd who passed on the baton.

  • The walk retains all the lovely features of the Farmers walk: the past and present of farming, with old and new stories about the folklore of the Island in the unique area of Kalyvia; a beautiful hidden village where farmers still farm.
  • The walk passes on a Mycenaean track through 250 year old vineyards and then gently uphill on an old donkey track through some of the oldest olive groves on the Island.
  • At Kalyvia see the goats, chickens, and the House of the Islands Saint and Monk: Papoulakis. Hear his story and those of others from this historically rich village: poets, doctors, farmers, and the young boy, Mandolinis who was captured by pirates.
  • Local wine, cheese and olive tasting at the church of the Panagia.
  • Return to Stavros on a road via an old chapel, olive press and panoramic views of Frikes harbour and Polis bay as the sun sets.

Starts and ends: Stavros square When: Mondays Time: 5 pm Duration: 3 hours Level: Easy walk with slight uphill and some loose screen.

Katrina is a gem, very knowledgeable and friendly. Her walks bring alive the magic of Ithaca
Mr and Mrs Sanderson

Short stroll on Monday evenings around Kioni and Raxi area. This walk is for those who are unable to go on a longer walk and as an introduction to the area and for those who want more information in order to go on longer self guided walks. A lovely way to hang out with other people whilst tasting local wine in a traditional mini market. Starts in Kioni at the fantastic cafe, Spavento in Kioni. Walk up to Raxi and then around the area, visiting a mill and olive press. This walk is adaptable to the needs of the group. Starts 6.p.m.


  • Price for each themed walk: 20 euros
  • Longer hikes- to be negotiated dependent on size of group.
  • All themed walks are in shady and cool locations and finish for a refreshing drink at a local cafe or taverna. (drink not included in the price of the walk)
  • Times and location of walks may change slightly due to weather, time of year or guests needs and requests.

What you need: Wear good shoes, boots or walking sandals. Good idea to wear mosquito repellent and/or long trousers. Bring a hat for daytime hikes and always bring plenty of water. How to Book or meet me For details of and meeting points and times please contact e mail: You can also telephone when you are on the island: 00 30 6975 928240 or 00 44 7950690234 Where to find me on Ithaca: You can find my cards and posters in local bars, cafés, tavernas and shops. As I have lived and walked here for twenty years, ask a local or return traveler about me or ask your holiday representative if you have come with a company and they will direct you to me.  You will not find any of my posters around the Island on trees as it is against my environmental policy. Access for all and sharing of information If you want to find me for any information on walks you do not have to come on my walk to ask for advice. We can meet up for a drink and I can help with maps, paths that are open at different times of year and suitable walks and terrain for your needs.l. If you feel a walk is too difficult or easy for you I am always open to devising a walk to suit your needs which will give you access to the same information. It’s always great to hear comments and feedback from you, here or on trip adviser. I am independent of any company or agent in order to keep offering the special standard of service that I have become known for and all walks are open to all visitors however they have chosen to visit the Island of Ithaca.     Disclaimer:

  • All walks are taken at the visitor’s own risk & must be covered by adequate travel insurance.
  • No company, guide, agent, or tour operator is liable for any accident or injury or natural disaster.

Tales from the walks

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