Tribute to Elizabeth Maclennan -7.84 in the Sky

7.84 in the Sky

The mountains are howling

The seas and rivers bleeding

Nobody will enter the wine dark waters now

No souls are floating on the shores

of wild Polyventhis

The land of Ithaca cracked and dry

Red earth screaming without your feet on its

Terracotta floor

Ancient Olive trees

Battered by the Northern wind

Shedding dry leaves and

“The moon that belongs to everyone”

Has fallen from the sky

And the sun has disappeared behind the

Low Hara of Exhogi

Dancers have stopped dancing

Buziki players have stopped playing

Children are silent

And even the dogs have stopped barking

Your death, an earthquake to our world


And then,

You being you

Will begin again

Making theatre for the community of souls in the heavens


Will not play to the Gods

No, not you


Will play to,

The Miners who died of emphysema

To the Dockers without pay

To the steelworkers with broken hearts

And the seafarers on the bay

And the women who broke their backs on factory floors

And lost their marbles trying to be everything to everyone and keep the fires burning

And their men and children fed

You will entertain

The trade unionists


And communists

Who you were always there for

And who are there with you –



Radicals who died in jail

Protesting for freedom

Tell me how is Mandela

I bet he is enjoying your company

You will finally have that dinner party you always wanted

Inviting them all:








Your mother



Friends and comrades

And of cause your love and soulmate,



And we still down here below

For our job is not quite done

Those of us that can hear

Will listen to your laughter

As you drink the finest Prosecco

No payment now, it doesn’t matter

It’s always free and flowing

So cheers to you Elizabeth

Down in one.


One day, who knows when

I and many more will come to join you

Just as soon as we are able

For I am sure you will invite us all

To your theatre in the sky.


So keep the chatter and Kefi going

As I know you surely will

And when they ask me

Why, Why did you have to die


I’ll tell them; It is for certain

She’s gone to a groovy party

She is having a right old knees up

She is having a bloody Ball

Right up in the heavens

Everything fair and equal

there is no 7.84.

you and John renamed it

100.100 in the sky.

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