The Warrior

The warrior sends her arrow into the universe
The dragon who has been in hiding
locked down for so long
slowly reaches
out and in
in and out
with every breath
led by words of wisdom
the generosity of another
who reminds us
life is not for us alone
it is not ours to conquer like a tricky warrior
wanting to steal all the treasures of the planet
Life is not for us
to claim with burning fire
and flames of our dragon’s breath
so that we can live our passions just for ourselves
life is a breath
a dance
we are a part of
a river we swim in
a sea, the colour of one feather in a magpies tail,
we float upon together
we are all the same breath
as our arms outstretch
wide open to
to the vast cobalt sky
we let the breath of others
be our breath
the same rhyme
let our footprints be gentle on this earth
let us dance with the silver light of the night stars
and whisper our love to many lovers across the world
let us pray to the mountain
and not want to conquer her
let us give strength to each other from our hearts
to be warriors standing still
and listening to the earth
as we wake up each day to hazelnut dawns
dragons coming out of caves and bringing fire
for those who need it to make food for their children
so tonight they can sleep with full bellies
let us be dancers of many disciplines and characters
unique but not special
bringing light and change
from our windows and behind our doors

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