Paths – well/being, walking and writing – Ithaca

Leaving paths we know can be very frightening. Approaching paths that we have no map for is equally frightening hence it can be easy to stand at the cross roads for a long time until you get so distressed turning and looking and unable to move you will find yourself screaming with frustration. Even if you were to get a map and a compass, the path has so many things on it that are unknown and that you can not plan for; even if you do a mountain leaders course, take a course with Bear Grylls, it’s scary.

What if you accepted the crossroads, and your resistance with a calm smile or even humour; what if the crossroads became as interesting as any of the paths: North, East, West, South….what if it was just random and most of us have to face life’s disappointment of not fulfilling our potential or getting what we want and learn to be grateful that we have what we need, if we are lucky. Perhaps the crossroads and the paths you don’t plan for ( i.e eventually maybe some truck will come along and push you off the crossroads onto one path and you just start walking)

Your own crossroads and the paths that are frightening, even the paths you know are your tutors/your gurus.

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