New Folklore walk

Folklore Walk
This walk replaces the popular Farmers walk which has now been running for eight years.
The walk retains all the lovely features of the Farmers walk: past and present of farming, cheese, wine, olives, olive oil whilst introducing new stories about the folklore of the Island in the unique area of Kalyvia; a beautiful earthquake village where there are farmers still farming.
The walk passes on a Mycenaean track through 250 year old vineyards and then uphill slightly on an old donkey track through some of the oldest olive groves on the Island.
At Kalyvia see the goats, chickens, and the house of the Islands Saint and Monk: Papoulakis. Hear his story and those of others from this historically rich village: poets, doctors, farmers, and the young boy captured by pirates: Mandolinis.
Local wine and olive tasting at the church of the Panagia. Return to Stavros on a road with an old chapel, olive press and panoramic views as the sun sets over Polis.
Mondays – 5 p.m -3 hours. Easy walk with slight uphill and some loose scree. The walk can start at Polis or change slightly due to weather, time of year or guests needs.
Please see leaflet for details of what to wear, bring and for the disclaimer. For more information or to book: call Katrina on 00306975928240

If anyone has any photos of the old farmers walk in Raxi please add your comments or send them to me…a large part of the path has been bulldozed through and as you will all know I never took photos..too busy chatting, so I would love to hear from you.

Very excited about the new walk, after a dramatic shock, time for a rethink as had been doing the walk in Raxi for a long time and it was becoming a development walk. There were many versions over eight years but all in the same area. I have found another lovely old path in Raxi so may be doing that next year but for the rest of 2015 looking forward very much to sharing this folklore walk with you all and being in this new area of the Island. I hope those of you that have been with me on my Farmers walk will join me and I look forward to meeting new visitors on this special walk.

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