New Folklore walk

Started walks, last Thursday, both walks went very well with small groups, which is a lovely way to start the season. The walking tracks to Homer’s school Ithaca Greece are over grown, after a warm winter and rain last week, but these ancient paths are very beautiful and the sunset was stunning over ancient Polyventhis. The Folklore walk this Monday was very special.  We picked mulberries – will be making ice cream from those. We walked down the old lime stone path and were invited into Sotoris’s vineyard, which is 250 years old. We then went down to see traditional Ithacan sheep being fed olive branches and of course some of us enjoyed the local wine ( wasn’t to Mike’s taste) local olive oil, olives and cheese dressed in sapsico.  Nothing went to plan, which was how it should be and those moments are the special ones on the Island and far more important than me sticking to script. It was important to spend time in the moment and going with the flow and it is what I have hoped for this walk that it will open up the island’s tradition and beauty, if I am open to moments. I think everyone felt how special it was to go off piste even though the walk was longer. My only sadness was that we had to leave Sotoris at all. He gave us water from his old well (pigadia) which was delicious and I would have loved to sit in his special vineyard looking over Polis; such a shame he has none of his wine this year, which in my opinion is the best on Ithaca. He was not very well but by all accounts last years grapes were not plentiful so wine is in short supply. This year looks to be a good crop. One of Sotoris’s vines is a variety over 1000 years old. I had a lovely time and was a great welcome back for me, with a lovely group of people, so thank you. You can see some photos which capture the moment very well, on your phones on instagram – Katrina Parsey -by Mr Speedwell.

Been making lemon curd, lemon marmalade, lemon rind sweets, lemon juice for the freezer and of course freezing slices for Gin and tonics later in the season when I have more company and it is a bit hotter. The tree in my garden is over 120 years old and produced over 500 lemons this year; evidently washing water (I use eco powder) does the trick – gave plenty away too.

The culture walk is this evening(Wednesday) as some light rain is threatened tomorrow.

If you come on a walk please feel free to take pictures and post them on instagram – Katrina Parsey

Cheers Katrina



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