Ithaca Greece

Returned to Ithaca five weeks ago and have been pulling weeds for most of the time. The winter was wet and so the island is very verdant and overgrown, thistles have thrived and Bougainvillea have suffered, they don’t like being drowned. Many spring flowers are early and are already dying, most spectacular are the Rock Roses: Sage Leaf Cistus with their silk like petals and the wild pink and white Fresia with their sweet scent.

It is hot now, temperatures already in the 30’s and the sea is warm, calm and sparkling turquoise water invites you in. It is clean and transparent. The island is calm and there is a gentle feeling of opening up for the summer and the tourist season. This weekend is Greek Easter and many people have returned to their family homes for traditional celebrations.

I have started Pilates mindfulness and Yoga  in the mornings with a view of the sea over to Levkada and in the company of  Cypress trees which give peace and serenity as they stand like sentinels to the heavens.  Both the Folklore and Ancient Greek mythology walks  have got of to a good start and it is lovely to be walking again in the golden evening light over Polyventhis,  that Homer told of,  in his story of Odysseus and on old farming tracks, tasting Kalamata olives, local feta, olive oil and golden cognac wine.

It is a little hard to focus and plan for next years centenary work on the first world war and ancient Greek projects for schools as life here takes on it’s own pace and rhythm which is slow and  “avrio, avrio” takes over the, “must do now”  mode of England – but slowly slowly,  both are taking fruition with time to think philosophically in the company of the Gods.

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