Intuition- thought for the day

Just because it is not scientifically proved does not mean it can’t work for you- creativity changes and change heals: but it can be painful or at the very least uncomfortable.

Feel the fear, the frustration and anger; difficult emotions.  Sit with your feelings and accept them, be interested, explore them, don’t try to push them away. Can you observe them, even for a moment as feelings, thoughts in the sky; passing clouds? Breathe into them, no special way. Simply observe your breath; it will support you – it has done so far in your life. Smile at your feelings – an inner smile from your stomach or an open smile on your face.

And keep looking, be interested in your emotions and thoughts; don’t try to change them.

Acceptance is not avoidance; it can be powerful force for change; an authentic change from inner kindness to the worst of feelings( who told you they are worst or bad?) Change can happen; changes that you least expect or planned for, changes from the heart and intuition.

This is a mindfulness exercise; it may not work for you – it is not a one size fits all and different choices work are helpful and healing at different times of our lives. If you feel uncomfortable with the exercise or it is making you more stressed don’t do it. Think, intuitively, what may work for you: boxing, a run, singing, writing, sleeping, hoovering, hitting a pillow, watching tv, talking to a friend…………….

Listen to yourself; don;t trust someone who has the answers, look for guides who you intuitively trust.


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