Gratitude for Ithaca

I walk and move for well – being and I write and tell stories so I can keep on moving and hear new stories.I am so grateful to be walking and teaching again this year (2018)in the mesmerising and poetic landscape of Ithaca.To be able to feel the earth beneath my feet as I walk with you on stone paths built centuries before and share stories I have spent twenty years listening too. I am truly grateful to be able to continue to  hear: words, music, silence and the poetic voices, the rhythm of the land and sea, inhaling the scent of sage as a woman sings and tells her story of loss; another muse for my writing. Also this year to be teaching mindful meditation and movement for stress and health in cypress forests with the sound of the Ionian sea and the gentle breeze of poplars where our souls can find some peace and compassion; it is a true honour.

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