Dedication to Homer and Kavavy


Ithaca will heal you

If you let her bring you home –

After all your striving and adventures-

To a place of love and compassion


After fighting battles as great as Troy

-Athena has guided you back,

Had words with the other Gods to take pity on you –

Mere mortal

And you are washed up, exhausted,

lost, and unable to recognise your true home

as you lie on the stony beach

feel the lapping of salt water on your cut and soiled feet

as the sun shines on your broken heart


find peace and know that this is true

You are home


This is not a place for bullies, power mongers, go getters or soul thieves

-remember you, your true self, never wanted to go to battle

You would rather have stayed with your wife and son, ploughed the fields, tended your vineyards and pressed your olives for fresh peppery oil

What use is your looty if you lose the ones you love,

and the work of your hands

And despise yourself?


You will slay the suitors who have caused so much trouble in your peaceful home

It was you that let them in


Those that know Ithaca in their heart

And humble themselves to her beauty, storms, tranquillity, roughness,

And all of her ancestors, humans, Gods and animals,

Her storytelling waves,

Her Nymphs dancing on the jade and wine dark sea


– Let her, as Kavavy said, teach you how to be

Bow to her wisdom

It is your own

Let her hold you

Do not try to conquer her

You will be the looser

Take care of her and she will bring you gently home


Axe your ego

And if you




She will speak to you of how to live a life truly worthy of her.


When the monsters frighten you

Do not reveal your name with boasting, swagger and arrogance

Say as Odysseus did:” I am nobody”

For who are you but a humble being searching for home

Not a great King or hero

Winning the war with your trickery, cunning and guise

You are a human here, no greater than the swineherd

No better or worse

A human that makes mistakes

Like everybody else

What a relief!


In Ithaca you are nobody

– wealth is of no matter.

Un-robe your purple pomp and ceremony

banish the roles you play , your striving for fine foods and palaces

Ithaca sees through you

She beckons you to be true,

To be nobody

Let her in

And she will give you everything

You ever needed –

She will show you the meaning of Home.


Katrina Parsey 2017

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