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With an understanding of the contradictions and difficulties of tourism and the pressures on holiday companies to offer both a caring service and value for money, my policy is sustainability for local tourism. In line with this I work independently and only with companies who understand and actively value inter dependency; it’s importance for sustainability and growth of the local economy and protection of the Island for those that live here and those that visit, and for the natural environment of the Island.

 I practice a zero tolerance policy on racism, xenophobia, homophobia and misogyny and will not tolerate any form of abuse to any person including myself or any discredit to my business.   

 In so far as I can, I offer open access to all regardless of ability. – see what I offer.

I work with Greek Villa collection, Sunvil and Simpson holidays as they support responsible and sustainable tourism through policies and practice which are compatible with my own and do not take commission so that I can continue to offer a parity of service and prices for everyone and actively implement the above policy.

In order to practice my ethos, I do not pay commission and all income goes directly back into the community. I value the continual support of those local people, welcome hosts, businesses and travellers who have and continue to support my services, without whom I would not be able to continue offering my style of walks on the unique island of Ithaca.