About me

I grew up in North Yorkshire and the Highlands of Scotland; being and walking in beautiful remote landscapes. 

In my twenties I moved to South East London to study Community Arts and Education for three years.  

After community placements whilst studying, I worked in Theatre in Education and community theatre for 12 years.  I co created and delivered holistic arts projects: living history, Racism, the Jewish Holocaust, eating disorders, abuse, mental ill health, women’s issues, land rights, mythology, and social change, throughout the UK.

I began to suffer from depression, stress, self-harm, addiction and eating disorders. I started a journey of recovering from the trauma of being responsible for my mother’s mental health issues and an absent father.

Living in a high-rise council flat in Deptford for eleven years, I knew that I had to re find my relationship to nature through walking in parks and getting out to the South Downs, connecting again to a sense of awe, being in the moment and present with nature.

Through writing and walks, theatre, storytelling, dance and humanistic therapy I began my own journey of growth and development and found recovery and resilience, able to relate to myself and others in a more authentic way and with compassion and kindness.

I set up my own company “Theatre for change” creating and facilitating arts for change and health projects and worked as a storyteller and actress in the community, for the NHS and International programmes.

I keep walking, and practicing embodiment and writing as my daily self-care and compassion for myself and others .

Whilst working on a victims and perpetrators project in Berlin and Greece, through chance (or was it), I landed on the mythical Greek Island twenty years ago, and was pulled to stay, by the light and the poetic landscape; I was home.  I restored a ruined cottage and became a gardener (or a puller of thistles) and healed and grew through writing, working on the land, Yoga and walking and swimming. I renamed my company in 2010: WordsandWalks and have been delivering participatory walks and projects on poetry, local culture and farming, ecology, mythology, storytelling, flora and fauna and living history. I taught mindfulness and mediation, Yoga and Pilates and embodiment – person- centered movement for children and adults on retreats and classes

I started returning more to the UK in 2015 to support my partner and his mother who had a brain bleed. In 2018 I returned to the UK to look after and fight for my father who not only had dementia but was suffering trauma.  Last year shortly before his death, I let go of my physical home on Ithaca.

I am relocating to the West Highlands of Scotland where I will run in person mentoring in the natural landscape and on line. Next year I hope to run walking and writing retreats back on Ithaca.