Closure of Homer’s School and walks 2019

June 2019

Please note that it is now official that no visits can be made inside the site known as “Homer’s School.” This is respected as now the site is fenced off and awaiting clearance and very exciting new excavations. After that only official trained guides will be allowed to take you inside the site, which is great news.

My Penelope’s tour and walks take you around the outside of the site to ancient springs and wells and where you can view the Cyclopian walls and walk on Mycenaean paths and hear the evidence, poetry and mythology surrounding Homeric Ithaca and the great epic: “The Odyssey.” All told from Penelope’s point of view and with an actor’s twist.

Because of these changes you can also come on the Farmer’s walk which starts at the model with a living history interpretation of life at the Palace and combines the mythology walk

All my Storytelling walks will stop completely at the start of July 2019, I am going back for a while to my other home.

I would like to thank everyone who has supported me and who has come on my walks and shared ideas, thoughts and a love of this Island and persuaded me to keep sharing my stories and passion for Ithaca, however short your stay and for all those locals who really have been on my side. The words and stories I have told could not have happened without any of you. I have met so many amazing people, laughed so much and been filled with joy that I was part of your memorable experiences on Ithaca. I am full of wonderful and precious, and beautiful, though right now tinged with sadness, memories; how lucky I was. This decision has not come lightly but it does coincide with the serious ill health of my father in Scotland, my partner’s absence because of the ill health of his mother for 8 years now,  Brexit and the closure of the site itself to visitors. I also can not earn a living here from walking and was being pressed to work with agents and pay commission which I decided against partly because I felt bullied not supported or in anyway respected by the larger holiday companies and their agents.

I also have found the battles for walks with competitors and the stories with others who get involved and inflame  “walking wars”  too distressing and negative; this has eroded and destroyed my enjoyment and passion for what I do; sometimes in life it is best to let go and move on, even though we have no idea what to.

Now there are paths cleared and walking trails so well marked, on an app, so very little needs guiding anymore as it did when I first came and scrambled and scratched my way on unmarked paths; what fun that was. There is so much information also about Homer’s School and other sites on websites and of course the wonderful museums at Stavros and Vathi. More signs and information boards will be going up at he site, this is great news so that people can take their time and self guide to feel your own experience of the magical place, so often missed when in a group.

Thank you and maybe see you on my final walks this June 2019. (unless of course like Odysseus I return disguised as a beggar, or like Athena am also able to reinvent myself; you never know. Or perhaps like Penelope I will find I can not leave my home and there are more suitors to trick and that there is no other way out but to be cunning. I hope not.  Besides they got the ruse, the tapestry(shroud) is finished and now it is in the lap of the Gods and Goddesses.  My only choice to hang on to my Ithaca was to marry a person I did not care for and then loose myself to one of those suitors; not for me I know they only wanted the riches Ithaca has given me; indefinable; nothing to do with bronze or gold. I am not hanging around for them to destroy the precious gifts this metaphysical and mesmerising landscape and it’s healing seas of Ithaki, and so many of it’s welcoming people have given me,  for one of  those suitors to do me in.

If you do want a guide give me a ring and I will forward you details of a wonderful local Greek guide on the Island.

Meanwhile if you keep in touch for updates on my mindful movement classes and writing workshops, somewhere in the world.


hugs and hope


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