Penelope’s Tour

Where Greek Gods still keep vigil come on a wonderful magical evening: PENELOPE‚ÄôS TOUR Ithaca Greece – Thursday evenings in the area of Homer’s School, Ithaca Greece.

Guided short tours available (1/1/2 hours at times to suit you).

I only walk with small groups.

These tours bring the story and mythology of Odysseus and Penelope to life in the area of the real or mythological: Palace of Penelope and Odysseus; hear stories of her waiting and keeping Ithaca safe and of his battles and adventures and Odysseus’s eventual return home to Ithaca.

Told by an actor and storyteller and a local guide. Hear stories in the amazing area of Homer’s School: a place so fitting of the Royal Palace and epic the epic drama: where the golden light of the Homeric text, shines over Polyventhis,

Dramatic sky over Aphales – Alan Pinel
Homer’s School – Callum Marsden

See walks on this site for further details of walks by a local guide from Lahos who has like Penelope been here for twenty years.

Just phone, text or email me and we can have a chat, meet up for a drink and talk about what would suit you best so that your tour is unique for you and a memorable and unforgettable part of your holiday experience on Ithaca Greece.

I try to keep my advertisements to a minimum for environmental and atheistic reasons so you will not see my posters on trees etc…just ask a local about me instead…


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