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Nearly the end of May and the weather continues to be unsettled, heavy and still cold.

I have noticed and felt many changes going on on the Island for some time and have often felt quite personally battered by them. Right now there seems to be a lot of land for sale with estate agent signs popping up all over the place and building work and yet so few people visiting. There are big changes going on all over the world, many of which I find disturbing as people are being drawn to Nationalism. As  much as this is a beautiful Island there is a change being enforced here that I am not sure is for the best; what is it for, who is it for and who is benefiting? I feel distressed, its’ soul is being overshadowed.

There are five travel agencies now and more people it seems than ever offering guided walks and yet we seem very quiet. Walking trails of Ithaca has been completed by a company from Athens working with the local council and walkers are heading off to the hills with their apps to guide them, with some new paths opened up. There are many benefits and its great to see that people feel safer to go off walking on their own. However I do feel sad that all this has been done with so little respect for many of the walkers on this Island, locals and visitors, who loved and gave their time to opening up paths and encouraging people to walk here. These trails, nor the idea, could never have happened so easily without all the hard work, passion, imagination and dedication over many years and a little bit of recognition would not have gone amiss.

There certainly seem to be less UK travelers and visitors so far this year which is disturbing and of course everyone is talking about Brexit and the weather.  Those that do make it will be shocked at the state of Kephalonia airport; no shade, all the greenery cut away, very officious and not at all welcoming. It was always such a pretty and relaxing airport to arrive to and such an instant relief  for stressed travelers. It is horrendous and that is just in May; it will be hell in August with no space for coaches, taxi drivers, no greenery or shade. There will be trucks and diesel fumes and dust everywhere and the people that do come will find themselves herded like cattle in the hot sun, if the sun does decide to shine. Sometimes progress can damage forever the special and unconformable asset that people need to sell in order to make a living; it is a dangerous knife edge of tourism that has ruined many places in the world and we all play a part in allowing it to happen. In the case of the airport it is a German run company and it just does not fit; tragic.  I fear that some people want Ithaca to be what it never can be and also worry that the airport arrival will not help the tourist season.

However through walking you will quickly find your roots and Ithaca’s authenticity, past and present is still to be found by those who seek it.  When you feel it’s metaphysical pull, discover its soul in hidden places you will find hearts and minds that still love and value it’s precious and unique flora and fauna, poetry and its stories. On it’s land you will find it’s  character and honesty and a peace that we all need; a peace found in connection with the working land and it’s people. However on track Ithaca now is, enabling you to walk it’s network of trails more easily, you will also find its beauty a little off track  on farming land and ancient sites. It is still be there for those who need and want to hear and feel it’s history, it’s struggles, it’s truth. There is much depth and laughter to find in stories and mythology of home, travel and those pesky Gods whilst also sharing moments of silence together.

I hope you find the time to come on a special themed gentle evening walk whilst you stay for a while on this magical land.

I look forward to meeting  you and discovering your Ithaca whilst walking together and finding moments to be mindful of this precious and unique landscape


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