Walking mindfully

How simply divine the Caper flower is.  It grows along roadsides and out of concrete. Lovely private tour with Janice and Michael. He struggles with balance as has no vision in one eye. We decided it would be easier not in a group then we could turn back at any stage but more importantly go at Michael’s pace and I could give them my undivided attention. It was a lovely walk, a gentle breeze kept us cool. Walking slowly, paying attention allowed us to hear more birds, notice flowers, drink in the views and be mindful.

Tales from the walks

Walks on Ithaca


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Ithaca Greece

Returned to Ithaca five weeks ago and have been pulling...

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St John’s Wort

St John's Wort This wonderful plant is found on...

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Dramatic Sky over Aphales Ithaca

Picture taken by Alan and Helen Pinel. I really appreciate...

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