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Mills walks

Where Greek gods still keep vigil two memorable walks have been opened up by the local community, local council, Paths of Greece and Trekking Italia. Both are walks to Old wheat mills through terraces and on historic paths where farmers toiled to sew and produce wheat, grains, lentils up until the late 1880’s.

Both walks are on tracks rich with diverse flora and fauna, stunning views and with every step, every breath the stories of farmers is heard. Visiting the mills on either or both of these walks leaves you in awe at the building skill, ingenuity and hard work of Ithacan’s from Mycenaean times, to Venetian, to the present day. They really are walks that will stay in your memory.

Walk one: starts in the captivating village of Exoghi and then goes along the top to the three mills on a single track path, Panaromic views in all four directions; to FIscardo, Levkada, the mainland and to the South.

Walk two: Starts at the traditional and delightful Raxi mini, a great place to stop for a cool drink and something to eat.  It is a part circular walk, past the church, mill, sternas and on a Venetian track. It goes through some of the most impressive flora and fauna on the Island; ancient olive trees, red soil, Strawberry trees and terrace after terrace where wheat was sown.

Both these walks are perfect for self guided walks and the more of us that walk on them the better because that way they will be kept open and cleared. Great walks for day time or early afternoon in May/June and Sept/Oct.

They are both medium difficulty with some steep climbs and loose scree and low growing Holme oak (particularly on the Exoghi walk).

Long trousers, walking boots and sticks a must. Take plenty of water. Tell someone where you are going, leave a note in your villa or apartment and take your mobile phone and a torch.

Both these walks are spectacular and is a lovely addition to the Kioni three Mills walk.


I also offer all three Mills walks as part of my living history and local culture tours. You can book private tours.

Please contact me for information to walk these tracks, self guided or if you would prefer to walk with me on a guided tour.



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