Words, walks and wellness

Words and walks offer wise movement, walks, tours and writing in nature and in the community.

All classes, courses, retreats and tours are, mindful and mellow, creative and open, fun and safe.

“Breath connected to movement and words, present in the body and moment supported to and connected to our greatest healer: the outdoors.”

“When the mind is free in nature the soul can speak its words and dance again through life’s sticky stuff.”

Well being

Compassionate Holistic facilitation for individual and community well-being and social change. 

I support adults and young people and specialise in depression, anxiety, eating disorders, dementia, social disconnection and loneliness, end of life, low self-esteem, social disconnection. I work with the NHS, local councils, care homes, hospices, theatres, in magical landscapes, gardens and local forests in South East England, farming and archeological land in Ithaca Greece and on Zoom.

Individual person-centered holistic sessions enable you to be your authentic self, find well- being and joy. Sessions are always weaved to your cloth, through an initial chat on the phone or on a walk or through your social prescriber, to discover what suits your needs at any time.


Yin and yang yoga therapy, embodied dance, Yoga Nidra, theatre games and forum theatre, voice work, Chakras and happy cells, relaxation, mindful walks, mediation, words and walks, wild writing for well-being, functional movement in the forest or at its simplest and most affective: a walk and talk in a group or one to one. 

All well -being classes and activities are fun and open experiences, that bring you closer to nature, history, her and your stories, your body, mind and heart; the whole self. Nature helps us find kindness and acceptance and presence so we can be our authentic selfs, safe, freer, releasing blocks without judgment and being part of a community.

And if that sounds a bit too magical for you here are some of the benefits of holistic well-being recognized by the NHS and mental health professionals: mobility of the joints, balance, regulation of the nervous system, (polyvagal nerve), better mood, resilience, dealing with panic attacks, self- esteem, support for grief and loss, lowering blood pressure, flexibility, better sleep, healthier heart and circulation, reducing loneliness.


My charges are on a sliding scale depending on personal circumstances, the length of session and any funding I may secure for community projects, but not one will be turned away through their lack of ability to pay.

Katrina is an authentic teacher of Yoga and Pilates, she really knows so much about movement and the body.

Marina, Greece

Don’t miss out on the Yoga with Katrina, which all adds to the karma.


My daughter and I joined another family for morning yoga lessons by the pool with Katerina , which were a great way to start our day.

Marina G

Katrina is the most informative, passionate, interesting guide you could hope for.

Nick Levi

She has a wealth of interesting information as well about the surrounding environment. Regardless of where your level of interest might be, her kindness, intelligence and charm, make this walk an excellent choice. This tour is appealing, I think, on all levels.

A Green, Houston, Texas

This was a magical evening, Katrina is very knowledgeable about the countryside its plant life, local crops, and all the information is passed on in an easy relaxed manner.

Peter B, Shrewsbury

Beautiful and engaging walking tour.


A must do

David Bridges

Katrina’s classes are the best classes I have been to, totally different, she is humble but is a hidden gem.

Jan London

Katrina’s knowledge of movement and teaching is extensive. Her classes are rewarding and stimulating.

Angela Waldron - dancer and teacher with the Ballet Rambert.

Katrina’s walks were the highlight of our trip to Greece. She is passionate, enlightening and adapted the walking tours to suit my needs. I cannot recommend her enough, she is very special, creative and healing.

Judi Pond, Vermont

Katrina is a very special coach and guide. She has a lighthearted kind approach, with a sense of humour. Her writing and movement classes are joyful Built on thirty years of experience as a facilitator, her coaching is safe and compassionate.

Heather Gilmore

On behalf of our family, thank you Katrina for you peaceful and soulful and serene sessions over the last five years.

Francis family

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